Easy schedule coming up

As we noted a few days ago, the Dodgers first half record is one of the best in franchise history and if the Dodgers can take advantage of an easy schedule coming out of the break they could make a real run a winning 100 games plus this year.

Only one time from now until the end of the year do the Dodgers play two good teams in a row.  It is crazy just how weak this schedule looks right now.

They don’t play a winning team until July 24th, and by that time the Twins could even be in a tailspin given what they are working with.

Finally, on Aug 8th, the Dodgers get to meet the Diamondbacks again.  We should know by then if they are real contenders for the West or simply playing for the wild card. Or neither.

On Aug 25th, the Dodgers start a series against the 1st place Brewers, followed by the Diamondbacks. Let that sink in. Using the current records, the two best teams the Dodgers will face from now until Sept are the Brewers and Diamondbacks and what are the odds that both those teams would still be playing well by then?

The only two teams left that you could say right now are good teams are the Rockies and Nationals.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an easier schedule. Maybe I should knock on wood but it would not be hard for me to see the Dodgers win 110 games this year.

Gm#                       Date    Tm Opp
91       Friday Jul 14 preview   LAD MIA
92     Saturday Jul 15 preview   LAD MIA
93       Sunday Jul 16 preview   LAD MIA
94      Tuesday Jul 18 preview   LAD CHW
95    Wednesday Jul 19 preview   LAD CHW
96     Thursday Jul 20 preview   LAD ATL
97       Friday Jul 21 preview   LAD ATL
98     Saturday Jul 22 preview   LAD ATL
99       Sunday Jul 23 preview   LAD ATL
100      Monday Jul 24 preview   LAD MIN
101     Tuesday Jul 25 preview   LAD MIN
102   Wednesday Jul 26 preview   LAD MIN
103      Friday Jul 28 preview   LAD SFG
104    Saturday Jul 29 preview   LAD SFG
105      Sunday Jul 30 preview   LAD SFG
106      Tuesday Aug 1 preview   LAD ATL
107    Wednesday Aug 2 preview   LAD ATL
108     Thursday Aug 3 preview   LAD ATL
109       Friday Aug 4 preview   LAD NYM
110     Saturday Aug 5 preview   LAD NYM
111       Sunday Aug 6 preview   LAD NYM
112      Tuesday Aug 8 preview   LAD ARI
113    Wednesday Aug 9 preview   LAD ARI
114    Thursday Aug 10 preview   LAD ARI
115      Friday Aug 11 preview   LAD SDP
116    Saturday Aug 12 preview   LAD SDP
117      Sunday Aug 13 preview   LAD SDP
118     Tuesday Aug 15 preview   LAD CHW
119   Wednesday Aug 16 preview   LAD CHW
120      Friday Aug 18 preview   LAD DET
121    Saturday Aug 19 preview   LAD DET
122      Sunday Aug 20 preview   LAD DET
123      Monday Aug 21 preview   LAD PIT
124     Tuesday Aug 22 preview   LAD PIT
125   Wednesday Aug 23 preview   LAD PIT
126    Thursday Aug 24 preview   LAD PIT
127      Friday Aug 25 preview   LAD MIL
128    Saturday Aug 26 preview   LAD MIL
129      Sunday Aug 27 preview   LAD MIL
130     Tuesday Aug 29 preview   LAD ARI
131   Wednesday Aug 30 preview   LAD ARI
132    Thursday Aug 31 preview   LAD ARI
133       Friday Sep 1 preview   LAD SDP
134     Saturday Sep 2 preview   LAD SDP
135     Saturday Sep 2 preview   LAD SDP
136       Sunday Sep 3 preview   LAD SDP
137       Monday Sep 4 preview   LAD ARI
138      Tuesday Sep 5 preview   LAD ARI
139    Wednesday Sep 6 preview   LAD ARI
140     Thursday Sep 7 preview   LAD COL
141       Friday Sep 8 preview   LAD COL
142     Saturday Sep 9 preview   LAD COL
143      Sunday Sep 10 preview   LAD COL
144      Monday Sep 11 preview   LAD SFG
145     Tuesday Sep 12 preview   LAD SFG
146   Wednesday Sep 13 preview   LAD SFG
147      Friday Sep 15 preview   LAD WSN
148    Saturday Sep 16 preview   LAD WSN
149      Sunday Sep 17 preview   LAD WSN
150      Monday Sep 18 preview   LAD PHI
151     Tuesday Sep 19 preview   LAD PHI
152   Wednesday Sep 20 preview   LAD PHI
153    Thursday Sep 21 preview   LAD PHI
154      Friday Sep 22 preview   LAD SFG
155    Saturday Sep 23 preview   LAD SFG
156      Sunday Sep 24 preview   LAD SFG
157      Monday Sep 25 preview   LAD SDP
158     Tuesday Sep 26 preview   LAD SDP
159   Wednesday Sep 27 preview   LAD SDP
160      Friday Sep 29 preview   LAD COL
161    Saturday Sep 30 preview   LAD COL
162       Sunday Oct 1 preview   LAD COL

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Generated 7/13/2017.



  1. 68elcamino427


    Easy’s got nothin to do with it …

    Seriously, things are going so well for the Dodgers
    This is a dream season so far
    The kind that I would like to go on and on
    Never ending



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