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NFBC – Team Three – Machado Mania

In my third draft, I had the ninth pick. This league is different from my first two. It is still NFBC but only twelve teams, and only thirty rounds. We will use FAAB to add/remove from the roster after the season starts. That changes the drafting strategy as you can’t simply load up on all …

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NFBC Drafting – Team two – Kershaw time

In my second draft,  I had the fourth pick. This was another of the 50 round/15 team leagues and this time I was drafting the team based on my own rankings. These drafts by the way,  are what are called slow drafts, they take place over a month depending on the speed of the league …

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NFBC drafting – Team one

They say no one is interested in reading or hearing about roto drafts, but if that was true Fangraphs, Rotowire, and BaseballHQ wouldn’t have the traffic they have. I might as well write about something I love to do and try to make it as Dodger-centric as I can. I just completed my 3rd NFBC …

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