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LAD Team HR leaders, 25 or younger

With Cody Bellinger leading the Dodgers in home runs at age 21, the Dodgers have now had thirteen players twenty-five or younger to lead the team in home runs. Bellinger could make this list four more times. Let that sink in. Bellinger not only ended up with more home runs than Mike Piazza, he did …


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Chasing Piazza and Green thru June 20th

Crazy times.  At this point in 1993, Mike Piazza had only 14 of his 35 record home runs. Given the rate that Cody Bellinger is hitting home runs, I felt we should start tracking the all-time LAD home run record set by Shawn Green when he hit 49 home runs in 2001. Bellinger has now …

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Chasing Piazza on June 19th

For twenty years it looked like Mike Piazza’s LAD rookie record of 35 home runs would stand the test of time. Since 2015, however, it has had Dodger rookies taking good cuts at it. Puig never had a chance in 2013 given he didn’t get started until June but still hit 19 home runs in only …

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Corey Seager LAD Rookie HR Leaderboard update

Last night Corey Seager blasted his sixteenth home run of the year,  and now can say hi to Raul Mondesi.  Raul Mondesi was the NL Rookie of the Year in 1994, and had a Puig like career with the Dodgers before being traded for Shawn Green. I got all my information from Baseball-Reference but it appears …

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Corey Seager keeping pace with Piazza

The LAD offense continued to sputter last night but not Corey Seager who launched a massive home run to right center against ex – Dodger Grienke.  Legend has it that Grienke was pleased when the Dodgers drafted Seager, to bad he didn’t stick around to pitch with him behind him. Seager’s 15th home run moved …

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Corey Seager holding court

Five days ago Corey Seager had hit nine home runs and was just about to crack the LAD leaderboard for home runs by a shortstop. Since then, Corey blasted five more home runs and is poised to break all sorts of records this June. For now he can be satisfied with having the fourth most …

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