Re-visiting the Rotational guesses

On Feb 17th we made our first guesses on how the rotational starts might be distributed in 2017.  When spring training ended we did it again since the information had changed.

How did we do?

Kershaw has been the rock we expected, never missing a start.

Urias ended up being the only casualty in the first half going down in flames, both medically and production.

Alex Wood stepped right into the Urias breach and has arguably been the Dodgers best pitcher which is strange to type.

Using the new 10 day DL the Dodgers have managed to keep a six-man rotation in good shape doling out at least 10 starts to Hill/Ryu/McCarty/Kenta.

The exercise back in Feb was to show the Dodgers had plenty of pitching and indeed they have, even with Kazmir providing zero starts so far, and Urias having season-ending surgery.

They have not needed to tap into Brock Stewart and instead have been able to utilize him as a very effective setup man. Same with Ross Stripling.

All this while Masterson and Font have shown in AAA they are ready for 2017 starts if anything should come up. As has Trevor Oaks.

This shows that the Dodgers have plenty of pitching, the question the Dodgers have to be asking themselves are these the pitchers we want in October? They have two weeks to answer that question.

Pitcher 17-Feb March 31st Actual PossStartsLeft
Kershaw 30 31 19 14
Maeda 26 25 14 11
Urias 20 12 5 0
Hill 19 25 12 10
McCarthy 19 22 14 11
Wood 18 10 13 11
Stewart 11 8 0 0
Kazmir 9 0 0 5
Ryu 8 25 13 10
Stripling 2 4 0 0
90 72


  1. Michael

    I’m pretty impressed with how the front office and coaching staff have used the 10-day DL to work a modified 6 man rotation. At first it annoyed me, since they were phony DL stints. But they are using the new rule to their advantage, nothing wrong with that.


    • I was originally concerned that the players would have rusty first starts coming off the 10-Day-DL but that has not proven to be true so it seems to be working on all fronts.


      • 68elcamino427

        Did the Dodgers brain trust
        write the rules for the new DL?

        They should have included signage
        Like on the highways

        Rest Stop Ahead
        Next Exit


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