Midseason Prospect Rankings coming in

David Hood was the first with an update prospect list, and he published it this morning. MLB did their update last year around July 20th and that is when we will be looking for it this year.

I was pleased to see that David was aggressive on Keibert Ruiz and Dennis Santana the two prospects I’ve written about the most this summer.

I don’t agree with his extremely generous ranking of this years number one pick Jeren Kendall who has never played a professional game over the likes of Alex Verdugo and Keibert Ruiz.  David was higher on Kendall entering the draft as he felt he was a top five pick talent so that plays into his high ranking but I’d still stick with the prospects who have actually performed as professionals before putting draft picks above them.

I also think Lux has done nothing to warrant being listed above Brendon Davis who is not on his top 20.  I don’t  think I’d have either in a top 20 list with the emergence of Cristian Santana and Starling Heredia as the short summer seasons kicked into gear.

The only good news about Lux is that the player they could have drafted instead of Lux,  Delvin Perez has also struggled to find his game in 2017.  Struggled is kind, he can’t even hit rookie league pitching right now.

With Keibert Ruiz promoted this past week, the time of sleeping on him may have passed. Scouts are going to notice an 18-year-old catcher in the California League.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    This ain’t no cheap assed McCourt Minor Leauge system!

    Stan got a new Plan and it is coming on line and producing.

    It’s gonna produce a couple of pitchers for the big club pretty quick!


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