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Justin Turner inches closer to another homerless April

Last year Justin Turner became the 2nd LAD starting 3rd baseman to ever go homerless in the time frame of March/April.  The key criteria is starting 3rd baseman. Turner is just three games away from turning the same trick in 2017. Given how successful his 2016 season was after not hitting a home run in …


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Gonzalez going Loney on us

The last time a starting LAD first baseman went the month of April without a home run was James Loney in 2009.  It has only been done four times in LAD History. I used 80 PA as the criteria. At least Loney was hitting, Adrian is not even doing that. Rk Player Split Year PA …

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Ted Sizemore – the leader of multi-hit​ streaks

Ted Sizemore had a five-game streak of at least three hits way back in 1970. The great part about this streak is that after Ted got only one hit, he then got three more hits two more games in a row. Over an 11 game span, Ted collected 29 hits in 52 at-bats.  If that …

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Howie Kendrick has at least three hits in his last three games – by the numbers

Last night Howie Kendrick picked up four hits, and for the third game in a row had at least three hits. This is the complete list of LAD with at least three hits in a game provided by baseball reference.  By the numbers: According to my search on Bref Twenty Six LAD have had such …

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