LAD 1st half leaderboard – Wins

The 2017 LAD have their 3rd best win total at the all-star break. I was surprised to find out that 61 wins only gets you the 3rd spot as this has seemed to be the hottest 1st half team I could remember. I guess we have to remember that they were 10 – 12 at one point in 2017.

The 1973 also started out slow with a record of 9 – 11 on April 28th, 1973.  They would play and win a doubleheader on April 29th, and end up going 54 – 26 over their next 80 games. The 1974 team started out hot and was 16 – 5 on April 28th.  I guess that is why I remember the 1974 start more than the 1973 start. That, and the fact the 1974 team kept it up all year, while the 1973 team faltered significantly in the second half and failed to make the post-season.

Below 60 wins, I also included all the teams that got to the World Series just to see how they stacked up. I’ve always felt the 1974, 1977, and 1978 teams were the best teams the Los Angeles Dodgers ever had in my era which began in earnest in 1968.

Team      Split Year  W  L W-L%
LAD    1st Half 1973 63 37 .630
LAD    1st Half 1974 63 34 .649
LAD    1st Half 2017 61 29 .648
LAD 1st Half 1977 59 33 .641
 LAD 1st Half 1962 58 31 .652
 LAD 1st Half 1965 51 38 .573
 LAD 1st Half 1963 50 33 .602
 LAD 1st Half 1978 50 36 .581
 LAD 1st Half 1988 48 36 .571
 LAD 1st Half 1959 47 37 .560
 LAD 1st Half 1966 47 36 .566
 LAD 1st Half 1981 36 21 .632

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Generated 7/10/2017.



  1. 68elcamino427

    This is the most potent team on offense that I can recall the Dodgers having.

    The power, combined with OBP and footspeed are a wonderful combination.


    • I think only the 74,77, and 78 teams could compete with them. Might do a comparison at some point this season if they keep it up.


      • And none of those teams had Clayton Kershaw


        • 68elcamino427


          Hearing the theme song of Daniel Boone in the background while reading this.



  1. Easy schedule coming up | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today

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