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Dodger leaderboards to watch in 2017

Based on the starts of several LAD here are some LAD leaderboards to keep an eye on. Justin Turner has nine doubles, twenty-five hits, five HBP, and zero home runs while carrying a .900 OPS after eighty plate appearances. Let’s take a look at the LAD historical Double leaderboard. Turner would extrapolate out to about …


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Homegrown​ home runs

Eric Stephen put together the definitive look at the 300 home run club including anyone who ever played for the Dodgers that has hit 300 home runs and how many home runs they hit as Dodgers compared to their career. What I liked about the list that Eric put together was quickly scanning the homegrown …

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Ron Cey does Penguin walk

Very few baseball players were defined by their nickname as Ron Cey was. He really did resemble a Penguin when he walked, but when he played the game he resembled the greatest third baseman in LAD history, and it is not even close. The stats speak for themselves: Most hits Most home runs Most doubles …

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Corey Seager holding court

Five days ago Corey Seager had hit nine home runs and was just about to crack the LAD leaderboard for home runs by a shortstop. Since then, Corey blasted five more home runs and is poised to break all sorts of records this June. For now he can be satisfied with having the fourth most …

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Chase stand alone as Cubs / Dodgers get ready to square off

Being Memorial Day I didn’t have time to write a preview but I did find this little nugget interesting while perusing the Cubs record. The Cubs are 34 – 14, with seventeen wins in both April and May.  The Cubs have a losing records against three teams. All three of those teams reside in the NL Western …

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