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Great beginnings sometimes end in commiserated sorrow

Is it possible to have a good time at a game that ends a team’s season? When you go to a game by yourself you don’t have the luxury of picking who you hang out with, you get the luck of the draw. Sometimes you get lucky and find yourself enveloped around good fun Dodger …


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Ouch, this one hurts

It isn’t that the Nationals aren’t a talented team, they are, but when you have a 3 – 1 lead in the 8th inning with your whole bullpen still at your disposal your expectations for victory are pretty damn high, so when the season goes to hell in a handbasket in a matter of seconds …

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Walker set the proper pace for game one

Dave Roberts had a good game on Thursday Night, but his best call was the most important. Dave went with Walker Buehler to start game one, and Walker didn’t disappoint, hurling the Dodgers to a 6 – 0 victory. How good was Walker Buehler? Only eight pitchers have given up zero runs, one hit or …

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Here we go again

The last time the Dodgers and Nationals met in the postseason was the classic 2016 NLDS when the Dodgers had to win games four and five or face elimination. They won both, but game five didn’t come easy and is probably one of the best NLDS games in Dodger history. In 2016 the Dodgers turned …

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