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Vin Scully up for Californian of the Year

In an effort to expand my echo chamber I started a digital subscription to the NY Times. The second biggest benefit to this digital subscription has been a daily update of California Today. On Dec 12th, they announced a contest for Californian of the Year with the following request: In that spirit, we’d like to …


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Charlie Steiner wonders where his Medal of Freedom is

Charley must have thought the Obama administration had called the wrong Dodger broadcaster when he heard the Vin Scully had received the Medal of Freedom. After all,  it was Charlie who led the ESPN folks to freedom, what has Vin Scully ever done? Based on the wiki of the Medal of Freedom and this quote …

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Vin sings

When word first came out that something “shocking” would happen on Vin’s last day, I jokingly said he’d be singing the National Anthem.  I really hoped that it would involve singing. Writers all over the continent who actually knew Vin are busy writing why he was so important to this town or to the baseball …

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The magic of 58

I’m going to turn 58 on Nov 24th this year. I was born in 1958 and I told Dave Young how cool I thought this was, that I was born in 1958 and would be celebrating my 58th birthday this year. He was unimpressed. But you know, 1958 was a pretty good year. I was …

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