About Dodgers, Yesterday and Today

This blog will be about Los Angeles Dodger history, Los Angeles Dodger present, and Los Angeles Dodger future, with all sorts of bizarre stuff thrown in like this ditty from 2007

I’ve been a Los Angeles Dodger fan since I could first decipher the Dodger logo on my brothers’ baseball cards. Even though I was born in Los Angeles my family didn’t come back to Los Angeles to stay until 1970. I’ve seen just about everything related to Dodgers, and all of Southern California sports teams.

My writing career was kick-started by  Jon Weisman and his infamous blog Dodger Thoughts. Starting in 2004 I had become a regular commentator, and as time went on, my comments got longer and longer. Jon feeling that I had more to say then simply write comments suggested to Andrew Grant that I help him with his blog TrueBlueLA . Strangely enough, Andrew agreed and so in the summer of 2007 I started writing about the Dodgers for True Blue LA and stayed there until 2013.  During 2008/2009 I wrote some Dodgers columns for the now defunct blog Sportshubla that was put together by the Kamenetzky brothers.  They were the best editors.

I was lucky enough to be the first blogger to watch a game from the Vin Scully Press Box in 2009 when the Dodgers broke ground by allowing a rotating group of Dodger bloggers access to the press box to cover games. Over the next few years, I would cover over twenty games from the Press Box and each one had its own story. If I was known for anything at TBLA it was my fan fiction and in particular my Duck Talk series.



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