Dodger Minor League Awards

Many of the full league schedules will have their last regular season games played this Labor Day.  so I thought it might be a good time to look at the numerous individual minor league awards for players in the Dodger system.

So far they look like this:

Top pitching prospect Walker Buehler won the Branch Rickey Minor League Pitcher of the Year for the Dodger Organization.

My top positional prospect, Keibert Ruiz won the Branch Rickey Minor League Player of the year for the Dodger Organization.

Wilmer Font won the PCL Pitcher of the year and was named to the postseason All-Star team

Matt Beaty won the Texas League Player of the year and he and Scott Barlow made the Texas League postseason All-Star Team

DJ Peters won the California League MVP and along with Ibandel Isabel and Caleb Ferguson were named to the California League Postseason All-Star team






1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    Very impressive.

    This is such a big change from the old ways.
    It’s kinda hard to get acclimated to…Beaty might just be a late bloomer and ready to go.
    No spots for him in LA with the big club.

    Dodgers have some assets to deal.


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