Baseball America checks in on Verdugo and Font

With Alex Verdugo headed to the Dodgers today, Baseball America gave us a rundown on what they expect to happen.

Verdugo is not expected to be on the postseason roster, but the Dodgers are eager to see him against big league pitching in hopes of getting him acclimated to compete for a job in 2018. He might share time with Chris Taylor in center field or play in a rotation that involves Taylor and Granderson. But the Dodgers are not expecting him to contribute in a big role right away.

Stranger things have happened but what if Verdugo does impress in CF and Forsythe continues to struggle at 2nd base. Could a scenario develop against RHP in the postseason of Verdugo in CF, Granderson in LF, Bellinger at 1st base, with Chris Taylor taking 2nd base? Doubtfully, but I wouldn’t rule it off the table.  This is the same kind of scenario you might have expected if Joc Pederson had not shit the bed.

Either way, I can’t wait to see the arm I’ve heard so much about. I love a great arm.
Baseball America would also like to see Font get a shot in major leagues:

The minor leagues are full of good stories, and Font has one. He missed all of 2011 with Tommy John surgery before reaching the majors by the end of 2012 with the Rangers, who also called him up briefly in 2013. But he’s been cut (Reds, 2015) and pitched in indy ball (Can-Am League) before finding a home this year with the Dodgers. The 27-year-old has been the best pitcher in the Pacific Coast League. The 6-foot-4, 265-pound Font is 10-8, 3.42 with 178 strikeouts in 134 innings; he leads the PCL in whiffs and ERA and is second in wins, giving him an outside shot to still win the PCL pitching triple crown. He’s also pumping mid-90s gas. The Dodgers don’t need Font and don’t have room for him on their 40-man roster, but I’d love to see Font get a shot as a reward for his 2017



  1. 68elcamino427

    I would love it if Font supplanted Baez.
    Maeda also looks over his shoulder.

    Buehler could go all Pete Richert. This would be cool too.

    Agree with your Verdugo plan. I would try it.

    We shall see.

    Also, there are still three Orioles visiting the feeders. They will soon be on their way.
    They grow up fast.
    20+ hummingbirds are addicted to the kool-aid.
    Filled all four feeders last evening.


    • Been over 110 here just about all week, birds digging the bird bath, but all we have right now are Doves with some sparrows eating out of the feeders. The Gold Finches are just about finishing up the wild sunflowers. Always have one or two hummingbirds around but we don’t feed them. Don’t think we have ever had an Oriole in our backyard. That must be cool.


      • 68elcamino427

        The Orioles are very skittish, the real “Don’t LOOK At Me!”

        The first time I noticed them here, about seven years ago there were just two.
        I had three feeders out for the hummingbirds and the Orioles started using one at the far end of the yard. If they noticed anyone looking at them, they would immediately flit over the fence.
        The next year, four arrived. The feeders were hanging on shepard’s hooks out in the open and over the course of the Orioles stay they seemed to get acclimated to our presence in the back yard.
        The following year six returned. They raised one male that was big and fat. He was not leery of us at all and would hang around.
        This guy returned again the following year with his friends, but did not come back last year.
        I was concerned that perhaps his familiarity might cause him trouble in other places.
        Last year we had just one mating pair. They raised their brood successfully.
        This year I set the Oriole feeder up in somewhat of a blind, in a tree. This way they can maintain the privacy they seek. They seem to enjoy it more this way. Two mating pairs arrived initially. Six flew the coup and started their migration as I previously noted.
        The three that remain are like teenagers that are growing up fast. They won’t stick around.
        Some of the hummingbirds know who I am, the guy who makes their kool-aid.
        There are a couple of them that will hoover at the window in front of the kitchen sink
        and watch me fill their bottles.
        A couple of years ago I rescued a baby hummingbird from the pool. At first I thought the bird was a leaf. I brought the bird inside and put him on the counter with a feeder.
        The bird was disoriented and could not fly. So I put the bird in a small ornamental cage we happened to have on hand and put it in the bathroom. The next day the bird was feeling better, it would even get on my finger and sit, like it understood was trying to help. Later in the day I left the bird outside and it flew away.
        As the summer days passed, one afternoon the bird was sitting on top of the cinder block wall. I approached and the bird and it did not move, just sat there looking at me.
        I slowly put my hand in front of the bird, extended my finger, and the bird got on my finger for about ten seconds and then flew away. Kinda like your racoon …


        • Very cool. Loved the Hummingbird story. We have had several hummingbird nests but they put them in darndest places. Only once have we seen eggs and that year my wife put a safety net out below the nest in case they fell out. I laughed at her but went along with it. But sure enough one day I looked out the window and the bird had landed in the net instead of hitting the ground and we were able to put it back in the nest.
          My wife’s life at our house would be complete if we could get Mockingbirds to hang around. Every time I walk the dogs we are serenaded by Mockingbirds but they don’t come close to our house. I’d blame it on being on busy Victory Blvd but when I walk the dogs along Victory they are always hanging out on the light towers so that isn’t the issue. Her old classroom had a mockingbird that would sing from the power tower next to her class room. She loved that.


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