That was ugly

The Dodgers did not end August like they started it, as the Diamondbacks swept the Dodgers all the way to San Diego. The three game barrage concluded with the Diamondbacks winning 8 – 1.


  • The Diamondbacks outscored the Dodgers 21 – 11
  • The Diamondbacks hit seven home runs
  • The Diamondbacks scored ten runs in the first inning over the three games
  • The Dodger starters gave up 19 runs in the three starts, thus providing the info for this tweet from Craig Minami.

The Dodgers started August by winning five of six but finished August by losing four in a row.  This is the first time the Dodgers have lost four in a row all year.  The bad news is that the Dodgers look like the Giants right now, the good news is that every team is going to hit a slump, the better news is that it is happening now and not in October.


1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    This all started with a sprained ankle.

    Now Seager is out.



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