Historical Branch Rickey Winners

The Branch Rickey award has a long history that dates back to 1989.  The award itself has as many hits as it does misses, so winning the award does not guarantee major league success. Mike Huff started it all off and Mike Huff should give you fair warning when the winner is older than twenty-four. Huff had a major league career but not a good one.

Player of the Year:

The Golden Hits-  Mike Piazza, Paul Konerko, Corey Seager

The Hits – Eric Karros, Franklin Gutierrez, James Loney, Dee Gordon, Joc Pederson

The misses – Billy Ashley, Andy LaRoche, Jerry Sands, Scott Van Slyke

The whiffs – Adam Riggs, Angel Pena, Chin-Feng Chen, Joe Thurston, Phil Hiatt, Joel Guzman,  Chin-lung Hu, Ivan De-Jesus,

Pitcher of the Year:

The Best Pitcher Ever – Pedro Martinez

The I look like Fernando but that was about it – Dennys Reyes

The guys who broke my heart because I thought were going to be our Sandy and Don – Greg Miller and Edwin Jackson

The All-Stars- Eric Gagne, Chad Billingsley

The Starters –  James McDonald, Rubby De La Rosa, John Ely, Julio Urias

The Bullpen – Jim Poole, Todd Williams, Kip Gross, Luke Prokopec, Scott Elbert, Shawn Tolleson,

The Who?  – Jamie McAndrew, Greg Hansell, Gary Rath, Billy Neal, Carlos Garcia, Ricardo Rodriguez,  Mark Alexander, Zach Lee

Looking at these ages, I think Keibert Ruiz is the youngest prospect to ever win the Player of the Year award. Ruiz entered the season only eighteen years old. Anyone who follows this blog, knows I targeted Ruiz as an up and comer way back in June before he was on anyone’s top ten Dodger list, now he’s the Dodgers best position prospect.  Didn’t expect the Dodgers to reward Ruiz with the Branch Rickey Award, I though that would go to Alex Verdugo.

Branch Rickey Minor League Player and Pitcher of the Year: 1989-2017

Year Player of the Year POS League Pitcher of the Year League
1989 Mike Huff OF AAA Jim Poole A
1990 Henry Rodriguez OF AA Jamie McAndrew A+/AA
1991 Eric Karros 1st AAA Pedro Martinez AA/AAA
1992 Mike Piazza C AA/AAA Todd Williams A+/AA
1993 Billy Ashley OF AAA Kip Gross AAA
1994 Billy Ashley OF AAA Greg Hansell AAA
1995 Adam Riggs Infielder A+ Gary Rath AA/AAA
1996 Paul Konerko Infielder AA/AAA Billy Neal A
1997 Paul Konerko Infielder AAA Dennys Reyes AA/AAA
1998 Angel Peña C AA Luke Prokopec A+/AA
1999 Chin-Feng Chen OF A+ Eric Gagné AA
2000 Joe Thurston 2B A+ Carlos Garcia A+
2001 Phil Hiatt Infielder AAA Ricardo Rodriguez A
2002 Joe Thurston 2B AAA Edwin Jackson
2003 Franklin Gutierrez OF A+/AA Greg Miller A+/AA
2004 Joel Guzman SS A+/AA Chad Billingsley A+/AA
2005 Andy LaRoche 3B A+/AA Chad Billingsley AA
2006 James Loney 1B AAA Mark Alexander AA/AAA
2007 Chin-lung Hu SS AA/AAA James McDonald A+/AA
2008 Ivan De Jesus SS AA James McDonald AA
2009 Dee Gordon SS A Scott Elbert AA/AAA
2010 Jerry Sands OF A/AA Rubby De La Rosa A/AA
2011 Scott Van Slyke OF AA Shawn Tolleson A/AA
2012 Joc Pederson OF A+ John Ely AAA
2013 Scott Schebler OF A+ Zach Lee AA
2014 Joc Pederson OF AAA Julio Urias A+
2014A Corey Seager SS A+/AA
2015 Alex Verdugo OF A/A+ Zach Lee AAA
2016 Edwin Rios 3B A/A+/AA Brock Stewart A+/AA/AAA
2017 Keibert Ruiz C A/A+ Walker Buehler A+/AA/AAA

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