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The Rubber-Band man is stretching his limits

On the Sunday Night ESPN MLB telecast last night, baseball analyst Jessica Mendoza said that Cody Bellinger was like a rubber-band. It was meant as a compliment as everyone was gaga over how Cody could generate so much power with his swing and follow through.  Last night Cody did it all as he hit a …


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Cruise control doesn’t work at Fenway

Other than a minor hiccup, Ryu was dispatching the potent Red Sox lineup with aplomb when he ran into the 9th hitter in the lineup. Unlike the National League, Ryu had to face a real hitter even though Christian Vazquez hardly qualifies as a real hitter. Vazquez was just about the worst hitter in the …

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While my Guitar gently walks

The Indians will be playing in an elimination game tomorrow and noted baseball columnist Mike Petriello has pegged Carlos Santana as a likely hero for the Indians. Cleveland’s best bet for hitting CC Sabathia… is probably Carlos Santana. https://t.co/K0h2S4sc8B — Mike Petriello (@mike_petriello) October 11, 2017 I’ve been writing about Carlos Santana since he first appeared …

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Dodgers win at games and roster building

Tonight the Dodgers won again, this time with Adrian Gonzalez playing for the first time since June. I don’t think enough is being made about how useful a healthy Gonzalez can help this team. Probably because it appears they don’t need any help in winning, but winning in the summer isn’t the same as winning …

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Mike Petriello / MLB.com follow up on Dodger depth

A few days ago I looked at how a possible 2017 Dodger rotation might look trying to assign games started to the plethora of options available. The one thing I noted was the depth the Dodger front office has assembled in the rotation. They kind of had too, since that depth included multiple injury question …

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