Mike Petriello / MLB.com follow up on Dodger depth

A few days ago I looked at how a possible 2017 Dodger rotation might look trying to assign games started to the plethora of options available. The one thing I noted was the depth the Dodger front office has assembled in the rotation. They kind of had too, since that depth included multiple injury question marks.

Mike Petriello / MLB.com takes his own look at this depth and how it might play out in 2017. Mike used starter innings based on 920 while I simply looked at games started.

200 — Kershaw
160 — Maeda
140 — Hill
110 — Kazmir
100 — Urias
90 — Wood
80 — McCarthy
10 — Ryu
40 — Others

Given the decline of Kenta and Kazmir as the season wore on do you give them more rest early, or simply ride them early and move onto Urias/Stewart/McCarthy/Wood later?

Anyway, this 2017 season is going to be interesting, I don’t recall a LAD rotation having so much depth and so many question marks at the same time.  If even 50% of the rotation is healthy and productive at every point of the season, it could their best rotation in years.

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