The Rubber-Band man is stretching his limits

On the Sunday Night ESPN MLB telecast last night, baseball analyst Jessica Mendoza said that Cody Bellinger was like a rubber-band. It was meant as a compliment as everyone was gaga over how Cody could generate so much power with his swing and follow through.  Last night Cody did it all as he hit a home run, threw out a runner at 3rd, and showed off his elite speed.

Cody Bellinger is the talk of baseball with his major league-leading everything but it is not like we haven’t seen this Cody before. If you listen to the games, it is like he just burst upon the scene and wasn’t the guy who broke the National League single-season home run record for a rookie just eighteen months ago.

Dodger fans haven’t forgotten that when Cody burst onto the scene in 2017 he terrorized pitching and kind of did it for most of the season. We had a Cody Bellinger home run watch for a reason. 

In his first ten games ever, Cody had 41 Plate Appearances, six extra-base hits, including four home runs and put up an OPS of 1.127.

From his 41st game to this 50th game Coday had 45 Plate Appearances, 10 extra-base hits, including seven home runs and put up an OPS of 1.278.

His ten game start to 2019, 47 plate appearances 10 extra-base hits, including seven home runs, and has put up an OPS of 1.512.

So yeah, Cody Bellinger is awesome, but he’s been kind of awesome ever since he showed up even if he wasn’t the stud in 2018 that he was in 2017. 

Cody Bellinger has always checked all the boxes.

  • He’s got insane power
  • He’s got elite speed
  • He’s a gold glove caliber 1st baseman
  • He can play a solid Center Fielder
  • He can now play a solid possibly Gold Glove caliber Right Field



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