While my Guitar gently walks

The Indians will be playing in an elimination game tomorrow and noted baseball columnist Mike Petriello has pegged Carlos Santana as a likely hero for the Indians.

I’ve been writing about Carlos Santana since he first appeared as a Dodger prospect in the rookie leagues and he has never failed to disappoint.  He has had a very unique career as this table shows.

Only three players since 2011 have had at least 500 walks and 150 home runs.

Carlos  Santana is one of them.

Player           WAR/pos  HR  BB From   To   Age   PA
Carlos Santana      22.5 168 689 2011 2017 25-31 4590
Jose Bautista       26.1 218 645 2011 2017 30-36 4124
Joey Votto          39.8 167 771 2011 2017 27-33 4271

Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 10/10/2017.


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