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LAD Double leader by Season

Corey Seager led the Dodgers in doubles in 2019 with 44 and hit his 44 doubles in only 541 plate appearances while Shawn Green hit his LAD best 49 doubles in 691 plate appearances. The best double per plate appearance for a LAD seasonal leader is Corey Seager in 2019 at 12.3 doubles per plate …


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How unique is Justin Turner?

Much has been made about Justin Turner having double-digit home run power while walking more than striking out. ┬áListening to Vin Scully for 50 years you heard Vinny marvel all the time about the power that Joe Dimaggio had while still maintaining minuscule┬ástrikeout totals. I decided to see just how unique this skill set was, …

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On this day in baseball – Eddie Murray makes history

I’ve always loved switch hitters who could hit from both sides of the plate. Most can’t but the ones who can and who can hit with power are a rare breed. Eddie Murray was a rare breed and one of the greatest switch-hitters in baseball history. On May 8th, 1987 Eddie Murry puts his stamp …

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Grandal and the LAD switch hitting home run numbers

LAD Switch Hitters with two or more home runs in a game: 38 times a switch hitter has hit at least two home runs in a game Grandal has now done it four times in only two years Reggie Smith did it six times over a three year period 1976 – 1978 Eddie Murray did …

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LAD All-Stars from 1990 – 1999, the Mike Piazza era

No surprise that Mike Piazza owns this decade, being an all-star every single full season he played for the Dodgers. Plus Piazza kept on giving because Gary Sheffield continued that success by being an all-star three yeas in a row after being acquired for Mike Piazza. I’d loved to have had exit velocity in the …

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