Grandal and the LAD switch hitting home run numbers

LAD Switch Hitters with two or more home runs in a game:

  • 38 times a switch hitter has hit at least two home runs in a game
  • Grandal has now done it four times in only two years
  • Reggie Smith did it six times over a three year period 1976 – 1978
  • Eddie Murray did it five times  over a two-year period 1989- 1990
  • Milton Bradley did it five times over a two-year period 2004 – 2005
  • Four players did it one time between the Milton Bradley and Yazmani Grandal eras. Jose Cruz, Bill Mueller, Raffy Furcal, and Orlando Hudson
  • Grandal has the most RBI by a LAD switch hitter with 8. And 6. He had five tonight.
  • This was only the second time a switch-hitter with at least two home runs also hit a double. The other was John Shelby in 1987.
  • Unlikely names on this list are Maury Wills and Derrell Thomas. Wills hit only 20 lifetime home runs in 7588 at-bats. So he hit 10% of his major league home runs in one game. Derrel Thomas hit only 12 home runs over his five LAD seasons.
  • Eight times a LAD switch hitter has driven in at least five runs. Grandal has done it three of those eight times.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    From Granny Grandal
    The Mouse That Roared

    *KA BOOM-BOOM!!!*


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