The magic of 58

I’m going to turn 58 on Nov 24th this year. I was born in 1958 and I told Dave Young how cool I thought this was, that I was born in 1958 and would be celebrating my 58th birthday this year. He was unimpressed.

But you know, 1958 was a pretty good year. I was born in Pasadena the same year the Dodgers came to Los Angeles. That year brought  Vin Scully to Los Angeles and started the love affair between announcer and city that has been a constant over these 58 years.

I wasn’t even a year old when the Los Angeles Dodgers won their first World Championship in 1959 but somehow that magic seeped into my crib. Maybe it was my Grandmother and Grandfather (Mana and Da) listening to Vin while rocking me to sleep? Maybe I could hear my brothers transistor radio under his pillow late at night?

However,  it happened I’m sure Vin Scully had a part to play in it when I was but a tot.  I’ve been a Los Angeles Dodger fan since I first understood what major league baseball was. By then I didn’t even live in Los Angeles but by the time I came back in 1970 I was already a big fan.

Coming from a city Alexandria, VA where no one cared about baseball to Glendale, Ca where everybody talked about Dodger baseball was nirvana for me. One really could play catch on the front lawn and hear Vin Scully’s prose emanating from multiple houses.

For the next 46 years, Vin Scully was as big a part of my life as he was yours.  I’m not really ready for the end. I’m not ready to acknowledge my childhood is over. Vin has kept me eternally young as he is the constant between our twelve-year-old person and our fifty-eight-year-old person.  This year I stopped watching the game when Vinny was calling them. I simply closed my eyes and listened to the TV. My wife would test me time and time again by putting it on mute to see if I was as asleep. I usually passed the test. My biggest complaint about Vin Scully is that the Dodgers were wasting his talent by only using him for TV.  His greatest skill was talking to us on the radio. Let Charley or whoever do TV, give us Vin on the radio. They wouldn’t do that so I made it happen myself.

But even I had to watch the last two innings today. It was the type of sendoff you only hope can happen. It was a special end to an emotional weekend.

Jon Weisman put together a special Dodgers Insider for Vin, and since Jon was involved I’m sure it is excellent. I won’t read it. Not yet. Not until the Dodgers stop playing baseball this year. Hopefully, that won’t happen until November.

The LA Times Sunday edition today, had a section devoted to Vin Scully. I’ve heard great things about it. I won’t read it. Not yet. Not until the Dodgers stop playing baseball this year. Hopefully,  that won’t happen until November.

There is no kidding myself, baseball will not be the same for me going forward, just as the Lakers have never been the same for me since Chick left. I’ll have to muddle through it without Vin Scully, and as Joe Davis gives us the exit velocity of the game-winning home run by Corey Seager next year, I’ll appreciate the info, but the call won’t be giving me goose bumps.

Or maybe it will, I have to say I really like Joe Davis, though it would be cool if the trio of Joe/Orel/Nomar could temper the homer parts of their demeanor.

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