Vin sings

When word first came out that something “shocking” would happen on Vin’s last day, I jokingly said he’d be singing the National Anthem.  I really hoped that it would involve singing.

Writers all over the continent who actually knew Vin are busy writing why he was so important to this town or to the baseball world or their own lives.

I can’t really add to anything these great writers might be saying, so I’m just going to talk about what he meant to me.

And I’m going to keep it simple.

He meant everything to me.

He might be the last hero I have on a pedestal. I’ve been very careful with that pedestal since Bill Cosby came crashing down.

When I was lucky enough to get to cover the Dodgers I found out two things. Vin Scully loves to sing/hum to himself. I often wanted to ask him if he hadn’t become a baseball announcer if he would have loved to have been a singer but I never had the courage to approach him.  The closest I got to Vin Scully was opening the door for him when he had just gotten some ice cream.  Vin said thank you.


We went to Friday’s festivities. I made it through that okay, some tears but not as many as I expected.

Today wasn’t so easy. I stayed home, I wanted to hear Vin make his last call from Dodger Stadium.

When he got to say Deuces Wild one more time I laughed with joy.

When Corey Seager tripled  to tie the game I laughed with joy.

When Corey Seager  homered to tie the game and give us extra Vinnings I laughed with joy.

When Charlie Culberson homered to give Vin the greatest way to walk off a career I laughed and laughed

When he sang to us, i just cried. and inside I haven’t stopped yet.

I have to thank the Los Angeles Dodgers for giving Vin a great season to end his career on.

What a team. What a year. What a day

If the Dodgers win a World Championship and they play Vin singing “You are the wings beneath my feet” to us I may lose my normal composure and go bat shit crazy.

For a moment anyway.

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