Vin Scully up for Californian of the Year

In an effort to expand my echo chamber I started a digital subscription to the NY Times. The second biggest benefit to this digital subscription has been a daily update of California Today.

On Dec 12th, they announced a contest for Californian of the Year with the following request:

In that spirit, we’d like to inaugurate a contest, “Californian of the Year” — with you as judge.

We’d love to know who you think deserves the recognition.

Who can you nominate? Anyone. The nominee could be someone who made an impact in your community or on a larger stage. It could be a professor or an athlete, a librarian or a politician.

In short: Tell us the Californian, in your view, who defined 2016.

Email, and please be sure to include:

Today, they announced the finalists. A virtual who’s who of California power players and philanthropists but with one notable exception. Vin Scully.

Andy Bales. The C.E.O. of Union Rescue Mission has dedicated his life to helping the homeless in Los Angeles.
Marc Benioff. The Salesforce C.E.O. has made philanthropy a central part of the company’s mission.
Barbara Boxer. The Democratic senator is retiring after 34 years of representing California in Congress.
Jerry Brown. California’s longest-serving governor has pushed ambitious agendas.
Nicole Capritz. The Climate Action Campaign founder is a force in environmental advocacy in San Diego.
Betty Chin. Known as the Chinese Mother Teresa, she has been a lifeline to Eureka’s homeless.
Kamala Harris. California’s new senator is seen as having a bright future on the national and state stages.
Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers quarterback’s national anthem protest polarized fans and incited debate.
Elon Musk. The serial entrepreneur seems to embody the creative daring of Silicon Valley.
Vin Scully (see below).

And the writer of the piece has chosen Vin as his choice.

As for me, I’m going with Mr. Scully, the gentlemanly broadcaster who retired in October after 67 years as the voice of Dodgers baseball. As the Los Angeles Times sportswriter Bill Plaschke put it, Mr. Scully “is the soundtrack of our lives, the dignified and graceful accompaniment of endless sandy summers, a daily harmonic reminder of the Southern California dream.”

You can vote here.

This is quite a list, you could easily make a case for any of them.  I nominated Andy Lipkis

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