Corey Seager LAD Rookie HR Leaderboard update

Last night Corey Seager blasted his sixteenth home run of the year,  and now can say hi to Raul Mondesi.  Raul Mondesi was the NL Rookie of the Year in 1994, and had a Puig like career with the Dodgers before being traded for Shawn Green.

I got all my information from Baseball-Reference but it appears they have a problem figuring out rookie status for players before a certain time period. David Young over at TrueBlueLA noticed that Baseball Reference is wrong about the rookie status of Joe Ferguson and Mike Marshall. Since David is a stickler for details I’m going to trust his judgement on this,  and remove Joe and Mike from the rookie home run leaderboard.  I’m also going to remove everyone below fifteen since they can be found here.

I’m also going to have to check up on the rookie status of Don Demeter and Billy Grabarkewitz. It is possible that Cory can move up the LAD rookie home run leaderboard without doing anything.

Corey still has his sights set on the all-time LAD rookie record of 35 home runs by Mike Piazza. Piazza hit his 16th on July 5th, so Corey is still ahead of the Piazza pace.  Piazza would hit his 17th home run on July 8th.

Player HR Year Age PA OPS Pos
Mike Piazza (RoY-1st) 35 1993 24 602 0.932 C
Joc Pederson 26 2015 23 585 0.763 CF
Frank Howard (RoY-1st) 23 1960 23 487 0.784 OF
Eric Karros (RoY-1st) 20 1992 24 589 0.73 1B
Greg Brock (RoY-7th) 20 1983 26 543 0.738 1B
Yasiel Puig (RoY-2nd) 19 2013 22 432 0.925 OF
Don Demeter 18 1959 24 401 0.731 OF
Billy Grabarkewitz 17 1970 24 640 0.852 SS/3B
Corey Seager 16 2016 22 316 0.867 SS
Raul Mondesi (RoY-1st) 16 1994 23 454 0.849 OF
James Loney (RoY-6th) 15 2007 23 375 0.919 1B
Ron Cey (RoY-6th) 15 1973 25 595 0.723 3B




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