Chasing Piazza and Green thru June 20th

Crazy times.  At this point in 1993, Mike Piazza had only 14 of his 35 record home runs. Given the rate that Cody Bellinger is hitting home runs, I felt we should start tracking the all-time LAD home run record set by Shawn Green when he hit 49 home runs in 2001.

Bellinger has now fallen below the historical marker of a home run every 10 plate appearances.  As you can tell from his home run rate below he’s blowing away the greatest LAD rookie home run hitters in history and even though he missed all of April is ahead of the Shawn Green pace.  Green would hit 10 home runs in July and 12 more in August so Bellinger has his work cut out for him.

Oh, I guess I should add the all-time Rookie home run mark of 49 by Mark McGwire to this list. If he’s chasing Shawn Green, he is certainly chasing Mark McGwire.

Next home run

Player Year PA HR HR/PA Total HR Thru June 20th Total
Mike Piazza 1993 401 22 18.23 14 35
Joc Pederson 2015 458 22 20.82 18 26
Corey Seager 2016 522 22 23.73 15 26
Shawn Green 2001 396 22 18.00 17 49
Cody Bellinger 2017 219 22 9.95 22 ???

If this confusing here is a quick legend.

PA – this is the number of plate appearances it took for each player to reach 22 home runs. We used 22 home runs because that is where Bellinger is right now. This would be within 4 PA of accuracy as I didn’t check the game log for the specific plate appearance they hit the home run.

HR – This is a marker showing you 22 home runs.

HR/PA – this is the home runs per plate appearance pace when they each hit their 22nd home run.

Total HR by June 20th – self-explanatory but it includes games of June 20th

Total – season home run total


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  1. 68elcamino427


    I keep reminding myself that he is just twenty one years old.

    Same goes for COREY SEAGER, Mr. 3 Home Runs.

    The parents who raised these two did outstanding work.


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