Not ready to say goodbye

The Dodgers may not play in Chavez Ravine again in 2018. Clayton Kershaw may never pitch again in the Ravine as a Dodger. Both of these things are in play as the Dodgers head to Milwaukee to take on this tough Brewer team. To make sure neither of those things happens they just have to win one game.

Even though I might never see Clayton Kershaw pitch again for the Dodgers I don’t want to write that story until the season is over, and he’s made his decision. What I do know, is that I’m okay with whatever decision he does make. We have seen the best of the best pitcher in this century. No other fan base can say that.

Clayton is unique to himself among Dodger legends that I witnessed. He had the staying power that eluded Fernando and Orel as he was able to keep the knife at bay even though he did succumb to the needle.  He was clearly the best regular season pitcher of any Dodger ever in my era which would cover 1967 – 2018.

I saw him from the beginning

I was there when he got the nickname the Minotaur 

I was there when he came of age

I was there when I felt he failed the team in the 2013 and 2014 postseason because my bar was high and he couldn’t clear it

I was there when it was time to turn the page on his October issues but then game five happened

I was there last night for what might be his last game as a Dodger at Chavez Ravine

Through it all, Clayton Kershaw was as good as any fanbase could ever dream of. If he disappointed it was only because he had set the expectations so high, and because those who came before him had met and conquered those expectations. If Clayton Kershaw was not going to lead his team to a World Championship that was a small price to pay for watching having him as a part of Dodger lore for eleven years.

Jon Weisman has already written the definitive Clayton Kershaw chapter in his book “Brother in Arms”.  If game five had been different that whole chapter would have felt different. Game five did happen. The Dodgers have to win one game to give that chapter another jolt.

Make it happen.



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