Walker / Kershaw / Baez / Jansen

The media and some fans seem to be focused on how Josh Hader is fresh and ready to vanquish the Dodgers all by himself, but I think they might be missing the bigger picture. The most that Josh Hader can pitch is three innings, and last I looked a major league game is nine innings long.

The Brewers have the home field advantage, they do have Josh Hader, they do have the NL MVP but all that can be mitigated if Walker Buehler does what he has done all season long. I’m not sure why that isn’t as big a story as Josh Hader. Or that Kenley Jansen is just as fresh. Or that Clayton Kershaw can pitch today with few restrictions.

Jon Weisman in an effort to stir up the troops reminded us last night:

We may not have Orel pitching in game seven but Walker just might earn that Orel II moniker.

The Dodgers may not have Sandy Koufax on two days rest but they do have Clayton Kershaw on two days rest.

Johnny Podres would win game seven at the tender age of 22 just one year younger than Walker Buehler.

None of this means the Dodgers are destined to win this game seven, but it does prove that no matter how bad you play in game six, game seven is a brand new game.  If the offense doesn’t show some life against the likes of a journeyman like Chacin, it is possible the Dodgers will not get to face Boston.

But I like their chances.


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  1. Movin’ on!

    Enjoying your posts.


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