Dodgers remove four more

Adam Liberatore, Jake Peter, Dylan Baker, and Donovan Solano were removed from major league camp last night. The only surprise here was Liberatore who I thought would be one of the final cuts.

We never got to see much of Dylan Baker but he will head to AAA as rotation depth. He has to prove he’s healthy and has the stuff to help the big club later this summer if they need it.

Liberatore, when healthy is a quality, left-handed arm that will probably be called upon this summer.

Jake Peter started out this spring red hot and turned a few heads but as he started facing more major league pitchers instead of minor league pitchers his numbers tumbled. He is a rare left hand hitting 2nd/3rd baseman who would appear to be the future replacement for Chase if and when gets hurt this year.

The only reason Solano lasted this long was that Corey Seager was not playing shortstop. Even if something happens to Corey, I’d expect Taylor to play SS, and Locastro to get the call not Solano. I don’t think we’ll see Solano again unless things really take a turn south.

Name Pos Status Notes
Dylan Baker SP Help Future rotation depth
Adam Liberatore RP Help Expect him back on the Dodgers
Jake Peter Infielder Prospect If not for Chase, Peter would be on the team.
Donovan Solano Infielder Depth Would take a lot for Solano to get back to the Dodgers.


  1. 68elcamino427

    Peter showed some very shaky glove work in ST.

    Just how bad he looked surprised me.
    At this stage of his career gaining improvement with the hands is not likely.

    Fo isn’t gonna play that on a regular basis.


    • I saw him make one bad play at 2nd, other than that I didn’t notice that he was bad. I do think most of his hits came early against pitchers who aren’t going to be in the major leagues.

      Edwin Rios has looked fantastic though I’ve only seen him play 1st this spring.


      • 68elcamino427

        seen him muff three plays


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