Alex Verdugo waits for tomorrow

The Dodgers consensus number one positional prospect (not mine) was sent down yesterday ending his futile attempt to make the opening day 2018 Dodger roster.

Verdugo with all his skills faced an uphill battle even without Matt Kemp on the 2018 roster. When you add in the fact that Kemp is going to be part of the opening day roster there was just no way you could wedge Verdugo onto the roster.  In the long run Verdugo may prove to be better than Toles or Pederson but for now he will need to make his case in Oklahoma.

Time is not running out for Verdugo as he won’t turn 22 until May 15th. I’m not sure what to make of Verdugo. The scouts love him. He is the consensus number one positional prospect. He seems to have turned a corner this year regarding some issues with his commitment which sometimes happens when you taste the major leagues and ultimately realize two things.

  1. All these players are great, and if you are going to be a productive major league player you are going to have to work your ass off.
  2. Being a major league baseball player is the best. The ultimate competition, first class at every step from the pay, the food, the accommodations, the ladies.

He’s a fine fielder with a great arm but without the speed to be a true center fielder. That doesn’t mean he can’t be a center fielder. If he has the skills to make up the lack of speed with routes and instinct along with positioning, he can still become a major league center fielder but the odds are against it right now. Yet he’s young, and we will know more when we see where the Dodgers play him in AAA this spring/summer.

If Toles is as good as we think he is, left field is going to be a tough nut to crack. They are very much the same kind of player with Toles having the advantage in speed and Verdugo the advantage in his arm.

Right field is Puig until it isn’t.

Taylor is the man in CF, but 2nd base could be his as early as 2019 leaving the race for the future Dodger CF job to Pederson, Verdugo, and DJ Peters.

I kind of expect Verdugo to knock down the door this summer, and how the Dodgers find a place for him when he’s in their living room will be one of the more interesting stories of the summer.



  1. 68elcamino427

    Nice Article.

    Has Verdugo matured? He is saying all the right things.
    Physically he looks a little bigger and stronger.
    He sure looks great at bat.

    Puig is up for arbitration at the end of the season.
    Wonder what he will show us this season?
    He ended last season looking really good at the plate.
    Based on what he has shown in ST it does not look like he spent a tremendous amount of time trying to perfect what he had found, pulling off the ball quite a bit here in the early going.

    Plugging Verdugo into Puig’s spot in RF would be a move that could save the club some big money in 2019 and beyond.

    Pederson should also be looking over his shoulder at Verdugo.

    2020 OF could be Toles LF, Peters CF and Verdugo RF.

    Puig misses time with a hammy this season and we see Verdugo?


  2. I think if Puig has a DL stint that it will be Verdugo who gets the look if he is doing his job in OKC.
    I don’t want to sleep on Joc, but he is going to have get it going if he wants to hold off Alex.


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