Is this the year of breaking bad for the Dodgers?

The Dodgers have won five straight division titles and the only thing probably keeping them from winning six in a row is going to be team health.

That health was tested tonight when Justin Turner took a fastball off the wrist and suffered a non-displaced fracture. If you are wondering how long he is going to be out, Eric Stephen tweeted out this comp.

Freeman fractured his wrist in May so he was out while the regular season was going. With Turner getting hurt today, with ten days until opening day, maybe he only misses about 35 regular season games if they follow the same timeline though I imagine each injury is unique to itself but at least it is a guideline.

Back in my memory, we went into 2005 with high hopes and didn’t think too much of Jayson Werth breaking his wrist during spring training. That, however, was just the beginning of a season where everyone seemed to get hurt which turned into Clayton Kershaw so I won’t lament 2005, but I never like broken wrists in the Spring. Or the summer for that matter. Or broken ribs in October, right Hanley?

Anyway, lots of speculation on how this will play out. The Dodgers have so many options.

  1. Move Forsythe to 3rd, and replace him at 2nd with Hernandez thus paving a way for Trayce Thompson to make the team.
  2. Move Hernandez to 3rd, keep Forsythe at 2nd thus paving a way for Trayce Thompson to make the team.
  3. Move Barnes to 2nd, keep Farmer as the backup catcher.
  4. Wild ass move, let Edwin Rios give it a shot.
  5. Smaller wild ass move, let Rob Segedin give it a shot.

I expect number one or number two and it will impact the team because Justin Turner was arguably the best hitter on the team.

Corey Seager better not have a problematic throwing arm. He just better not.




  1. First thing that popped into my head:



    • Damn, I have zero recollection of that. Remember the spring training game where we lost two 3rd baseman in the same game thus allowing Blake DeWitt to become our starting 3rd baseman?


      • 68elcamino427

        Nomar & the beloved Andy


        • Yeah. Blake came through all the way into October.


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