Angels go big

Last night I looked in on the Angel game and noticed Chris Hatcher pitching for the A’s. The Angels trailed in the game, but not for long, as the Angels would knock around Hatcher and go onto win the game 10 – 8. They had trailed 8 – 3 at one after giving up eight runs in the fourth inning.

The Angels were so inspired and the fact they are only one game behind the Twins for the last wild card spot that they went out and got Justin Upton today. Justin Upton has been one of the hottest hitters in the AL with the fourth best wRC+ in the second half.

You need a scorecard to know who is in the Angel rotation these days with Rickey Nolasco and JC Ramirez being the only two left from the original starting rotation. You have Rickey, Parker Birdwell, JC Ramirez, Troy Scribner, Andrew Heaney, and Tyler Skaggs taking starts in August.  In April that would have been Rickey, Richards, Jesse Chavez, Matt Shoemaker, and JC Ramirez.

With an outfield of Upton / Trout / Calhoun along with a resurgent Cron, the Angels decided to outhit the opposition and it just might work.


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  1. 68elcamino427


    gotta out score em.

    Trout and Upton back to back will be a challenge for the opposing pitchers.
    Maybe the Angels finally acquired an expensive outfielder who will give them a happy ending?
    $22 mil per


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