Alex Verdugo is on his way

Alex Verdugo will be joining the team this Friday

, and if Corey Seager still has problems with the elbow I could see him getting some playing time.

Hernandez is in a slump and shouldn’t be playing against RHP anyway, so with Verdugo on the team you could move Chris Taylor to SS, play Verdugo in CF, with Granderson in LF against RHP until Seager gets his elbow under control.

It has to mean something that Joc Pederson is not getting the call this Friday. The starting CF for the first four months of the year does not appear to be in the Dodger plans for the rest of this year.

Brock Stewart will also join the team and is scheduled to pitch the first game of the Saturday doubleheader in San Diego. I was kind of hoping Font would get this gig but it will go to Brock. Brock better pitch better than his last start which taxed the bullpen when he couldn’t give them some decent innings.

Andre Ethier will join the team but can’t imagine it would be any more than as a pinch hitter. He and Adrian can discuss what its like to be earning $20,000,000 plus as bench pieces.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    I was wrong about Verdugo!
    Wrong again!
    Oh well, im eager to see Verdugo get a chance.

    Pederson has the icanthititis.
    Be prepared to see him on “The Schebler Trail.”

    Gonna need Seager back on the field.
    Not much being said about his elbow.

    Let’s get this Wilmer Bandwagon on the road!


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