Kershaw takes the mound in AAA

With many familiar faces taking the field with him.

Trayce Thompson is in CF
Andre Ethier is in LF
Rob Segedin is at 3B
Joc Pederson is at DH
Charlie Culberson is at SS

With only Andre doing rehab work it just shows how hard it is, to stay in the major leagues after you have made it. Even someone like Joc Pederson who thought he was done with AAA unless it was in a rehab situation is going to find it hard to find a place on the Dodger 25 man roster.

Andre seems guaranteed to make the team when the rosters are expanded in September, but who else will?

Is there any spot for last years Vin Scully game hero Charlie Culberson? Or do they simply reward him for being a good guy and sticking out the whole season at AAA?

Same could be said for Justin Masterson.

Hard to say Trayce Thompson has earned the right.  Or Segedin.

Will be awkward for Joc given he not only lost his starting job but any job at all.



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