Weekend nickname uniforms

This weekend major league baseball will attempt to connect their players with their fans by having each player wear a nickname on their jersey in an effort to show that the million dollar kids are still human.


A few of my favorites:

Austin Barnes: “SAM”
“The guys sent me on a taco run last year, and when I got back with them, A.J. Ellis was kidding Chase Utley that he didn’t know my name and Utley joked, ‘Yeah, it’s Sam,’ and that’s the story,” Barnes said.

Kenley Jansen: “KENLEYFORNIA”
A fan sent Jansen a California state flag, edited to read “Kenleyfornia,” which Jansen hung above his locker, and it’s become his new motto. “It got me going,” he said.

Josh Ravin: “CUERVO”
“It means raven in Spanish,” said Ravin. “Maybe it will help people understand that you pronounce it raven and not ravine.”

Raven has to be thrilled he is even on the roster and gets to participate in this little shindig.

Chase Utley: “SILVER FOX”
“I asked Corey [Seager] to come up with a nickname for me. It’s all Corey,” Utley said.

Heck, we have been calling Chase the Silver Fox for months.

If you clicked on the link at the top you can tell that not all of the players are buying into this public relations branch.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Ravin could have added “Jose”


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