The Chicken runs at midnight

The pressure to take over for one of the greatest voices in baseball history had to be daunting, I’m sure some would not even make the attempt, Dodger fans should consider themselves lucky that Joe Davis decided to uproot his Midwestern family and take them West.

This weekend has given Joe plenty of fodder to tell his stories,  the same kind of stories that were a staple of Vin but I have to say, Joe’s sometimes go just a little bit deeper into the emotional bailiwick.  By the time Joe finished with his “the chicken runs at midnight” story of Rich Donnelly / his daughter Amy / Craig Counsel, he had my complete attention.  Which was pretty amazing given that I had been napping and woke up in the middle of the story and as he kept saying Rich,  I thought he was talking about Rich Hill.  When I realized it was not Rich Hill, I rewound the DVR to the beginning of the story.  This was a long story, and I realized that Joe may have waited until Pedro Baez had taken the mound to tell the story so that he knew he’d have time to get it in.

I may have read or heard the story before, print but I had never heard it with such timing.

If I was going to attempt to tell that story, my voice would have choked up and given it all away, but Joe was able to keep his composure as he told a story that surely brought a tear to many of those who listened.

My wife loves Joe’s stories but she was taking a nap, so I put the game on pause so she could hear this one. When she hears it, I expect she will say to me once again, “that Joe Davis is really good”, and I’ll nod again in affirmation.

Thanks, Joe.

If you didn’t get to hear Joe tell his story, this ESPN story gives it quite a telling. I know many of you don’t click on the provided links, but you should click on this one.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    Second time with this story
    still hits home even though the ending is known


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