Keibert and Santana show

In a game I should have gone to considering two of my favorite prospects were playing, Dennis Santana hurled another seven innings, while Keibert Ruiz blasted a three run walk off home run in front of the unimpressed Craig Minami.

Dennis Santana pitched seven innings again, marking the fourth time Santana has gone at least seven innings this year. Considering he’s a converted relief pitcher, his ability to go deep into games is one of the more surprising things about his season. Santana is basically the same age as Yadier Alvarez and Yadier has managed to go six innings just once this year. Yadier’s typical outing is five innings.

The legend of Keibert Ruiz got some ammunition tonight.  Expect that hoard to grow.

Craig Minami covered the game for TrueBlueLA last night and got some quotes from the Rancho manager on both Keibert and Santana.

“[Santana is] the guy, that we feel that every time he takes the mound, that if we score just a few runs, it’s going to be a win. He’s a stalwart in there, he’s just tremendous,” Saylor told Minami “As he’s grown this year, from day one to now, I think it is really exciting to see all our guys just develop and give us great outings and opportunities.”

“How quiet he is, his poise, his professionalism, even just the maturity, you have to literally do a double take at the roster to make sure he is 18 years old,” Saylor said of Rui



  1. 68elcamino427

    This is a special time to be a Dodgers fan.
    The stars are aligning, things are coming together.

    The years of the interlopers from Fox and McCourt running the team make appreciating what we are being treated to today even more sweet.
    During the time Walter O’Malley ran the team in the 50s and 60s, the Dodgers were often mentioned as a model team. Team plane, new stadium, world championships.

    And here we are again. Same feel, like that first bite of cotton candy as a kid.
    It’s not just the recent success … the positive vibe is strong, palpable. It runs throughout the is the result of design.

    Walter Alston
    Walter O’Malley
    Mark Walter



  2. Who knew Walter was the key naming ingredient


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