National media taking notice of Dodgers

This morning the Washington Post posted an article about how the Los Angeles Dodgers are making a mockery of the National League.  It was a well-written story with some key points.

 The nature of baseball prevents teams from winning nearly 80 percent of their games. But that’s what the Dodgers have done for nearly a third of a season. They’re the best team in baseball, and possibly redefining the ceiling of what that means.

Most of the story focuses on points that Dodger writers have known for several years. The key to the Dodger success is depth depth depth.

You lose your bread and butter 1st baseman – no problem we will upgrade to the younger, faster, stronger version.

You lost your 2nd baseman – no problem, we will simply insert the best 2nd basemen of his generation and let him work his magic for a month

You lose your starting left fielder – no problem, we will take this super utility player and make him one of the most productive starting left fielders in the National League

Your free agent pitcher can’t stay on the mound – no problem, we will simply insert the lefty originally destined for the bullpen and watch him become the best pitcher in the NL for a few months while the free agent figures it out and comes back strong

You have too many options for your rotation – no problem,  we will simply manipulate the new 10-Day DL and find a way to make everyone happy/productive/rested

You lose your prodigy prospect for the year – no problem, we have that depth thing happening in the rotation

Basically, whatever baseball throws at the Dodgers, it is no problema.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    This is great.
    Here we are going through the ceiling again!
    Wish I had read this prior to my most recent post, though it gave me a chuckle.

    Someone has a feel for recognizing the talent!
    You are nominated to run the Keibert Ruiz Marching & Chowder Society!
    Count me as a part of the group.

    This kid knows how to get the doubters in line pronto!
    Gonna be fun following this kid.

    Back to the team …

    In 2016 it was cut and paste with the Starting Pitchers.
    In 2017 it is the position players.
    Many times it has been said that the manager does not make that much difference on the outcome of the game.
    Dave “Doc” Roberts begs to differ.
    Already a historic manager, always remember his lineage.
    Jackie Robinson mentored Maury Wills.
    Maury Wills mentors Dave Roberts.
    Wills flames out as a manager.
    Roberts is Manager of the Year in his first season.

    Ya just can not make stuff like this up!
    It is so cool.

    My hope is that Roberts sets the new standard for Dodgers manager’s, passing the great Walter Alston and Tommy Lasorda.


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