LAD first half leaderboards – Batting Average

With so many Dodgers having amazing first halves, we will be displaying the historical significance of those performances.

Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger will populate these boards, but will anyone else show up?

Justin fell from .380 but not only walks away with the best first half batting average, good bet he will be on top for first half OBP and OPS. Mike Piazza was known for his power but even more impressive for Mike was his batting average for a slow catcher.  Most of us can remember first half that Nomar had, but can anyone remember the first half that Manny Mota had? I made the cutoff 200 plate appearances which is how Mota got on the list.  Nice to see Willie and Tommy Davis join us. The 1962 year for Tommy Davis was normally regarded as the greatest LAD season ever until Mike Piazza showed up.

Player                 Split Year   BA  PA   H  OBP  SLG   OPS
Justin Turner       1st Half 2017 .377 274  86 .473 .583 1.056
Mike Piazza         1st Half 1996 .363 336 109 .432 .623 1.055
Nomar Garciaparra   1st Half 2006 .358 303  96 .426 .578 1.004
Mike Piazza         1st Half 1997 .357 342 107 .424 .580 1.004
Tommy Davis         1st Half 1962 .353 380 126 .384 .566  .949
Manny Mota          1st Half 1973 .351 234  73 .402 .404  .806
Willie Davis        1st Half 1971 .350 376 126 .363 .489  .852

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1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    I can still hear Vin imploring Willie Davis to bunt more for base hits.

    Of course that never materialized.


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