April Farm Factory awards

For fun here are the LAD positional awards for the month of April:

Catcher – Will Smith is playing all over the field but is still mostly a catcher. He crushed it in April and is doing everything with the bat.

1st Base -it is always nice when the top prospect plays like a top prospect. Cody Bellinger hit his way to the Dodgers before April was up, but before the promotion, he was clearly the best 1st baseman and prospect in the system.  Ibandel Isabel gets honorable mention.

2nd Base – This comes down to Willie Calhoun or Jose Miguel Fernandez. Willie hasn’t really lit it up yet, so I’m going with Jose.

Shortstop –  Brendon Davis wins over Drew Jackson mainly because of age and the fact that Drew is repeating the Cal League. Drew has shown some nice power, but Brendon Davis gets the nod for April.

3rd – Edwin Rios wins this easily and is probably the prospect of the month.

Right Field – Carlos Rincon slugged his way to this one. Verdugo has been playing more RF and gets honorable mention but he needs to pick up his game if he wants to take May away from Rincon.

Center Field –  DJ Peters got off to a slow start but has picked it up. I was surprised to see he has played more CF than Diaz or Verdugo.

Left Field –  O’Koyea Dickson gets the nod but he had very little competition. Not really a prospect but he is still rookie eligible and he’s done nothing but hit for over a year now.

Left Handed Pitcher – Devin Smeltzer had a solid month, while the major league team is loaded with left-hand pitchers, the farm system is fairly barren of them.

Right Handed Pitcher –  You would have thought that one of Walker Buehler / Alvarez / Mitchell White would be able to win this award but only Buehler put up a fight against the eventual winner AJ Alexy. The 19-year-od Alexy was brilliant albeit it was only thirteen innings.  Honorable mention goes to Trevor Oaks.

Position Player Avg OBP Slug% OPS
Catcher Will Smith 0.319 0.435 0.609 1.044
1st Cody Bellinger 0.343 0.429 0.627 1.055
2nd Jose Miguel Fernandez 0.301 0.342 0.466 0.808
SS Brendon Davis 0.303 0.418 0.487 0.904
3rd Edwin Rios 376 0.393 0.576 0.97
RF Carlos Rincon 343 0.41 0.657 1.067
CF DJ Peters 0.309 0.441 0.543 0.984
LF O’Koyea Dickson 0.324 0.35 0.662 1.012
IP HitsAllowed ER KK/BB
LH Pitcher Devin Smeltzer 18 9 3 21/2


  1. 68elcamino427

    And the winner is …



  2. Edwin Rios gave him a run for his money



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