Andrew Toles joins LAD five-homer LF club for April

With Andrew Toles clubbing his fifth home run today he joined a select few LAD left fielders to have hit at least five home runs in the time period of March/April.

Player                 Split Year  PA HR
Andrew Toles     April/March 2017  77  5
Gary Sheffield   April/March 1999 102  5
Gary Sheffield   April/March 2000 100 10
Gary Sheffield   April/March 2001  90  7
Manny Ramirez    April/March 2009  98  5
Wally Moon       April/March 1961  70  8
Rick Monday      April/March 1978  80  8
Mike Marshall    April/March 1984 104  7
Pedro Guerrero   April/March 1987  83  5

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Generated 4/30/2017.



  1. 68elcamino427

    Toles recognized that curveball in Frisco and has been hitting ever since
    And with power.
    It’s fun when ya “find it.”


  2. If the Dodgers wanted to actually field the lineup that gives them the best chance to win it might be Toles in LF and Bellinger at 1st base until Adrian gets his elbow straightened out, if that indeed is the problem.


    • 68elcamino427

      That’s the trouble!
      The elbow hurts when it is extended.

      I agree with your suggestion.
      Call the Dodgers offices and ask to speak with the manager!


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