Staring up at the Rockies

may look daunting but with the right equipment and the right personnel they can be climbed and conquered.  Remember the Rockies love April. August not so much.

  • 2014 – On May 7th they were 22 – 14 and in first place. That would be the last time they were in 1st place
  • 2015 they were 10 – 7 on April 24th.  In 2016 they were 8 – 5 on April 18th.
  • 2016 they were 8 – 5 on April 18th.

Eric Stephen pointed out that the LAD have only made the postseason three times after a 9 – 11 start or worse.

2017 will probably be the fourth time.  I made need to eat these words come Oct but I have a hard time seeing a Rockie team leading from beginning to end with two rookies in the rotation. They are using Greg Holland hard for a guy who is pitching for the first time after TJ surgery. Yes, they have reinforcements coming,  in Ian Desmond and David Dahl but Mark Reynolds has been tearing it up waiting for Desmond, and Parra has probably produced as much as Dahl will.  The Rockies are a great offensive team built around a very shaky rotation. If they can pull off a postseason appearance with that rotation I’ll give them mucho credit.

It is only five games back, I’d say things were a hell of a lot bleaker last summer when Kershaw went down and they were staring up at a huge Giant lead. Remember how fast that lead evaporated.

Ryu looked great last night albeit it against a struggling Giant offense.  At some point, Adrian Gonzalez simply has to start getting big hits.

I know Puig has had a tough row the last seven games but that includes three at the wall outs, several blistered double play shots. So I’m not worried. Yet.  And that throw…….



  1. 68elcamino427

    Puig and Grandal aren’t hitting the LHP yet.
    The streaks they will go through to normalize should be lots of fun.



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