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Rockies Preview – Are they for real this time?

The Rockies play host to the red-hot Dodgers as they try to keep claim to 1st place in the Western division.  The Rockies handled the World Champion Cubs pretty good taking two of three.  Before that, they knocked off the Diamondbacks two of three. As I’ve noted before the Rockies have gotten off to great …

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Staring up at the Rockies

may look daunting but with the right equipment and the right personnel they can be climbed and conquered.  Remember the Rockies love April. August not so much. 2014 – On May 7th they were 22 – 14 and in first place. That would be the last time they were in 1st place 2015 they were …

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Narrative busting day

With Kenley Jansen re-signing with the Dodgers for 5/80 today, two different narratives were busted. First Narrative – MLB players always sign for the most money. I had laid out reasons why it would be a bad idea for Kenley Jansen to sign with the Marlins even if the Marlins made the best offer. I …

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