Broadcast Notes 4/4/17

Listening to Joe Davis and Orel telling stories, so I thought it might be fun to document them for those who don’t have Spectrum.

When Ross Stripling entered the game in relief of Kenta Maeda, we learned a little more about Ross. He was a walk on at Texas A&M and only went there for the finance degree. His father convinced him to talk to the coach so he did and lo and behold they had an opening. Why? Because the Dodgers had drafted and signed Nathan Eovaldi who had committed to Texas A&M.

The Arco top tier play was an excellent running catch by Puig in RF headed toward the foul line. That was as good as it got for the Dodgers tonight.

I’m not fact checking this, but Joe Davis said that Urias is the first Dodger pitcher to wear a single digit number since Bobo Newsom. Bobo broke in with Brooklyn in 1929 so if this is true, that would mean that Urias is the only LAD starter to wear a single digit number. He wears number 7.  This is more of the Eric Stephen area as he knows everything about player numbers.  I know nothing about them. Except that the number 32 has been awesome in Los Angeles.




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