Dodgers shut out in 2nd game

Maybe this was more about the Dodgers scoring 14 runs yesterday and coming back to earth tonight, or maybe it really was about Clayton Richard being left-handed.

I only know that this will be the best game that Clayton Richard pitches this year, and maybe the last great game of his career.

Too soon to say the Dodger woes against LHP are with us again, but after a performance like that, you can hear the whispers.

Logan Forsythe did his job, no one else did.

Is Corey Seager going to bounce every throw to 1st base this year?

Last year the Dodgers didn’t get shutout until April 27th by the infamous Justin Nicolino. Yeah, he’s left handed. It was his first start of the year and the only game in which he did not allow a run. He didn’t even make the 2017 Marlin rotation.

Just remember the LAD were putrid against LHP last year and still won 90 games.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    When/if Thompson gets back to 100%
    Maybe the Dodgers will replace Hernandez with Thompson in the OF.
    Making us watch Hernandez play just because he can play SS when the team needs a backup SS once every sixteen games or three weeks isn’t a good enough reason to keep him on the roster.


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