MLB Network Top 100 show

You can make light of how MLB Network comes up with their top 100, but it is still a fun show to watch. With the Red/Angel game blacked out for us in Los Angeles they showed the 2017 Top 100 countdown.

Kershaw came in 2nd, and Mike Trout won for the fourth year in a row.  It would be easy to argue about all the other spots but it seems quite clear at this moment that the two best players in baseball play within 30 miles of each other.

I was surprised to see Cory Seager clock in at 11 given that Correa and Lindor were 20/19 respectively. With only one year under his belt that is a very high ranking. Justin Turner made an appearance, something like 56, which is a pretty good ranking when you consider the number of great 3rd baseman in baseball today. Four of them are in the top 12 overall with Donaldson, Bryant, Machado, and Arenado.

It was fun to have the editor of the show defend the choices that didn’t make the top 100 pointing to how the MLB analysts made their choices.

In the end, baseball is loaded with talent, from young to old.

This year Freddie Freeman made a huge jump up the ranking after being left off last year. Cory Seager climbed 88 spots after cracking the top 100 simply based on his 2015 September.

This year, which player will make the biggest climb? My bet is on Puig who was left off the ranking.


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