Cody Bellinger puts his skills on display

With Adrian Gonzalez ailing, and headed out to represent Mexico in the WBC, Dodger fans are going to get to see a lot of number one prospect Cody Bellinger.  I suspect they will like what they see.

Today, Cody put some of his skills on display. In his first at-bat,  he struck out on a high strike and looked like a free swinging little leaguer. Later in the game with runners on 2nd/3rd,  he took a smash headed into RF and instead of a two-run single turned it into an out. He followed that defensive gem with a nice two-strike bullet up the middle to plate a run.

He continues to look comfortable in a major league uniform and is maybe just an Andre Ethier injury away from being the starting left fielder. At some point,  I think the Dodgers will want to inject Cody Bellinger into the lineup and while Andre has looked good this spring, he’s now 35 and might be considered a high injury risk. Headed into spring it was believed that Toles would be fighting Andre for that starting gig, but Andre seems to have stuffed Toles, and it looks to me as though Cody Bellinger would get the rebound should Andre fail to get his feet off the ground.

Plenty of time for Toles to get his get turned around but it might simply be a case of the superior talent winning out even if he does.

Other Thoughts:

20-year-old Julio Urias tossed two shutout innings and what does it say about Urias that this was a ho-hum appearance? Any other 20-year-old doing this in spring training would be a big story, but at this point, you expect this from Urias.

Ravin can’t afford to many appearances like this if he wants to beat out Chris Hatcher for a spot in the bullpen. Three-run home runs aren’t just one mistake, that is three base runners in one inning of work.

The Mariners played a horrible defensive game

Yasiel Sierra does look like Ramon Martinez

I felt bad for AJ Ellis after hearing he was hurt and would miss his chance to represent the US in the WBC. He seemed very excited that he had been picked for the US squad.

Couldn’t help but watch Sopko and feel the California League Pitcher of the Year had replaced Chase De Jong in the Dodger depth chart.

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