MLB Dodger Prospect Update

MLB updated their prospect lists this week which gives us a chance to see the progression from 2016 Preseason to 2016MidSeason(after draft) to 2016 PostSeason to 2017 Preseason.

We can identify those who graduate, and those who moved up and dropped down.

Dropping off the list because they exhausted their rookie status were Julio Urias and Corey Seager.

Dropping off the list because they were traded are Jose De Leon, Grant Holmes, Jharel Cotton, and Frankie Montas.

Last year Cody Bellinger was ranked 6th in the Dodger organization, he’s now number one and ranked 12th overall.

You can understand the fact that Brock Stewart and Andrew Toles were both unranked a year ago. Toles had missed a whole year of baseball, and Brock Stewart was just a big arm with little experience. What a difference a year makes.

It is good to see that MLB finally got on the Toles wagon. At the end of 2016 they still had him ranked 27th, but with a few months to think about it, Callis and company have moved Toles upto 9th place.

Alvarez at this time last year was simply hype, but a year later the hype proved well founded and Alvarez is now the LAD 2nd best prospect.

Alex Verdugo petty much stayed in the same spot. He was 7th last year and is now 3rd basically moving up those spots because of the departures of Urias/Seager/Holmes.

Willie Calhoun made a huge jump from 18th to 4th even with the defensive issues.

Mitchell White was drafted in the 2nd round last year but didn’t get much respect in Sept when he was ranked 28th. Without throwing a pitch, White is now ranked 12th.

Keibert Ruiz has been flying up prospect lists and this list is no different. Ruiz is now ranked 15th after being 24th last Sept.

The recently acquired Drew Jackson was ranked 20th. Chase De Jong had been ranked 17th.

Ariel Sandoval continues to be ignored by everyone but David Hood. Thus he would be my pick to make the biggest move this summer. I also think that everyone jumped off the Yasiel Sierra bandwagon a little to fast. He might come fast now that he’s being used in relief.

Players not ranked after the draft last year and who made the top 30 this year are Brock Stewart, Andrew Toles, Mitchell White, Trevor Oaks, DJ Peters, ONeil Cruz, Dustin May, Carlos Rincon, Dennis Santana, and Andrew Sopko.

Players dropping out of the top 30 that are still in the system are Kyle Farmer, Jacob Rhame, Jacob Scavuzzo, and Chris Anderson. Chris Anderson has to be the biggest disappointment in the system being a former number one pick in 2013. Aren’t to many number one picks completely out of a teams top 30 prospect list in three years.

With the trades of Jose De Leon, Grant Holmes, Jharel Cotton, Chase De Jong, and Frankie Montas the system has taken a hit but it is still loaded with high end arms. Says something that you can trade five arms like that and have little problem replenishing them.

The table below is sorted by the MLB 2017 PreSeason ranking, and then by David Hood’s ranking.


  • NR – means they were Not Ranked at the time the ranking came out
  • NYD – means they were Not Yet Drafted at the time the ranking came out
  • NOT – means they were Not On Team at the time the rankings came out


Prospect AGE MLB/2016 Preseason MLB/2016 MidSeason MLB/2016 Postseason MLB/2017 Preseason
Cody Bellinger 21 6 2 1 1
Yadier Alvarez 20 10 9 5 2
Alex Verdugo* 20 7 4 3 3
Willie Calhoun* 22 18 6 4 4
Walker Buehler 22 8 10 7 5
Yusniel Diaz 20 11 7 6 6
Gavin Lux 19 NYD 12 9 7
Brock Stewart 25 NR NR 14 8
Andrew Toles* 24 NR NR 27 9
Jordan Sheffield 21 NYD 11 8 10
Austin Barnes 27 12 14 10 11
Mitchell White 22 NYD NR 28 12
Omar Estevez 19 19 16 12 13
Starling Heredia 18 13 17 13 14
Keibert Ruiz 18 NR 29 24 15
Will Smith 21 NYD 15 11 16
Imani Abdullah 19 26 20 16 17
Josh Sborz 23 21 19 15 18
Trevor Oaks 23 NR NR 29 19
Drew Jackson 23 NOT NOT NOT 20
D.J. Peters 21 NR NR NR 21
Ronny Brito 17 28 26 21 22
Oneil Cruz 18 NR NR NR 23
Edwin Rios* 22 NR 30 25 24
Dustin May 19 NYD NR 30 25
Carlos Rincon 19 NR NR NR 26
Dennis Santana 20 NR NR NR 27
Johan Mieses 21 29 27 22 28
Brendon Davis 19 23 22 18 29
Andrew Sopko 22 NR NR NR 30
Ariel Sandoval 21
Mitch Hansen* 20 27
Kyle Farmer 26 30 28 23
Ibandel Isabel 21
Caleb Ferguson* 20
Jacob Rhame 23 22 23 19
Jacob Scavuzzo 23 25 24 20
Yaisel Sierra 25
Angel German 20
Kyle Garlick 25
Devin Smeltzer 21
AJ Alexy 18
Cristian Santana 20
Madison Younginer 26
Rob Segedin 28
Chris Anderson 24 17
Cody Thomas* 22
Jordan Paroubeck 22
Jared Walker 21
Tim Locastro 24
Michael Boyle 22
Logan Crouse 20
Kam Uter 21
Ralston Cash 25
Erick Mejia 22
Julian Leon 21
Gus Schlosser 28
Scott Barlow 23
Scott Griggs 25
Mike Ahmed 25
Chris Mathewson 20
Errol Robinson 22
Nolan Long 23
O’Koyea Dickson 27
Daniel Corcino 26
Romer Cuadrado 20

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