Ryu ready before Kazmir

As of Monday morning,  I got this information from rotowire:

Ryu is scheduled to pitch in Wednesday’s Cactus League matchup with the Giants, Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register reports.

but that was based on this tweet from Bill Plunkett.

At the time I didn’t read the tweet and just assumed the rotowire writer had figured it out correctly. He/She had not. The tweet simply says both will pitch on Wednesday, not that Ryu would pitch the Cactus league game.

So I posted this earlier today:

Ryu has been scheduled to pitch this Wednesday in a cactus league game against the Giants, meanwhile, Scott Kazmir will pitch a simulated game on the same day.

Which was wrong. And now we learn that Kazmir will pitch the Cactus league game not Ryu.

Next time I’ll read the tweet myself. Live and learn.

Brandon McCarthy is still just throwing bullpens and is currently not scheduled for either a simulated game or cactus league game. That could change quickly.

Julio Urias will go on Tuesday on the road against the Rockies but I still find it hard to imagine he will start the season in the rotation given the veteran options they currently have.

Brock Stewart will follow Kenta Maeda today against the Rockies.

Not only will the Dodgers be closely monitoring their rotation options, you have to imagine many scouts will be also be monitoring the situation. If everyone was to come up healthy the surplus couldn’t simply be stashed away in AAA.

Let’s just say for argument sake they all make it through spring training without any health or Steve Blass issues. You would have seven pitchers for five spots and that is not even including Urias or the kids Stewart/Stripling.

In that scenario, I don’t see how Alex Wood has a shot at this rotation. He would be headed for the bullpen, or AAA, or traded. This front office has shown a penchant for trading players they traded for in the first place.

Peraza – Gone

Montas – Gone

Micah Johnson – Gone

Tyler Olson – Gone

Howie Kendrick – Gone

Zach Elfin – Gone

Joe Wieland – Gone

Carlos Ruiz – Gone

Those are just players traded from the Dodgers after being traded for within a 24 month period. If I  were to include all the players released after being traded for that would be a book not a chapter.

So while it may not make sense on the surface to trade a 26-year-old left-handed pitcher like Alex Wood, nothing would surprise me when it comes to him. The only surprise for me is if Alex Wood can beat out all his competition and win a spot in the rotation to start the season.

That leaves six for five.

You could move McCarthy to the bullpen while you sort out Kazmir and wait for Ryu to prove himself in the rotation. Ryu has already beaten some odds by simply being ready to pitch in a cactus league game. Can he further beat the odds and survive all spring?

For me is still comes down to trading Kazmir and you can’t get maximum value unless he’s pitching every day in the rotation to start the season.

Anyway, just babbling.

One final question.  I asked on my twitter feed who would pitch more major league innings this year. Matt Cain or Ryu? What do you think?


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  1. 68elcamino427

    By March 15, sixteen days from now, whomever will not be slated for the starting rotation will be known. Because those who will be slated for the starting rotation will be ramping up.
    Kazmir and McCarthy are looking like the leading candidates to open the season on the DL at this point.
    Ryu getting out ahead of them is the biggest surprise of the day.
    Kazmir isn’t getting traded if he is not healthy enough to pitch. He has been battling one ailment or another since he last joined the Astros.
    McCarthy just might not make it back. It is not like he had an iron man reputation prior to becoming a Dodger.
    The contracts for Kazmir and McCarthy were bridges to a destination. A place where younger arms in the organization could take over for the old guys.
    We are here! It is a nice feeling knowing that the team is not depending on Kazmir or McCarthy to perform in order for the Dodgers to be successful in the 2017 season.
    I will be surprised to see Wood or McCarthy in the bullpen.

    Choosing between Ryu and Cain?
    Gotta go with the Dodger, Ryu.


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