MLB Over/Under – Dodgers 93.5

Bovada released their MLB Over/Under lines today. The Dodgers clocked in at 93.5 with the World Champion Cubs on top at 95.5.

At first glance, I think I’d take the over on the Rockies at 80.5 betting that they can slug their way to a .500 season with that young rotation.

The Padres are in a tough bind, they are in the second year of a rebuild and while some of the position talent is showing up (Renfroe/Margot) none of the pitching is ready. Combine that with the fact they are in a very tough division that could find four of the five teams playing .500 baseball and wins could be hard for them to come by. 66.5 isn’t a very high bar but I could see this Padre team losing 100 games. I may have to take the under on that.

The over seems low on the Cardinals / Rangers / Orioles

MLB Win Totals (From Highest to Lowest)

Chicago Cubs                           95½

Los Angeles Dodgers                93½

Boston Red Sox                       92½

Cleveland Indians                      92½

Washington Nationals                90½

Houston Astros                         89½

New York Mets                          88½

San Francisco Giants                87½

Seattle Mariners                        85½

St. Louis Cardinals                    84½

Texas Rangers                          84½

Toronto Blue Jays                     84½

Detroit Tigers                            82½

New York Yankees                    82½

Pittsburgh Pirates                      82½

Baltimore Orioles                       80½

Colorado Rockies                     80½

Los Angeles Angels                  79½

Arizona Diamondbacks              77½

Tampa Bay Rays                       77½

Kansas City Royals                   76½

Miami Marlins                            76½

Minnesota Twins                        74½

Atlanta Braves                           73½

Oakland Athletics                      73½

Philadelphia Phillies                   73½

Cincinnati Reds                         70½

Chicago White Sox                    69½

Milwaukee Brewers                    69½

San Diego Padres                     66½


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  1. 68elcamino427

    With perfect health throughout the season, the Dodgers win 100+..


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